Clean windows are the perfect finishing touch to a fresh and tidy building. A commercial facility must look presentable at all times, and the condition of its windows can make or break its appearance. Learn why you should invest in commercial window cleaning services.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

Look no further for window power washing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. United Commercial Services is an advanced cleaning company that covers all bases within your building, including the windows. Commercial window cleaning services are an essential part of routine facility maintenance. Whether your building has dozens of windows or just a few, it’s important to make sure they’re clean and reflective on both sides.

Your windows may look spotless from a distance. However, when people step foot inside your building, they get a closer look. Are your windows sending a message of cleanliness and professionalism, or do they look smudged and dusty? You’d be surprised at the difference it makes when your windows glow. Take pride in your building’s condition, and trust UCS for your building window cleaning services.

In addition to improving your building’s curb appeal, clean windows also:

Increase Natural Lighting

Natural sunlight is free and plentiful, and electricity can be expensive—especially for large commercial buildings. Because of this, it’s great to have a location with lots of windows. Property owners and managers must keep in mind that the more layers of dirt and grime the window has, the less sunlight can shine through, making the window less energy efficient.

UCS frees your windows of caked-on dirt and smudges accumulated over time, letting the sunshine spill through. With more natural lighting, you save money on utility bills by using less electricity.

Extend Your Windows’ Service Life

Dirt, overspray, salt, and other particulate matter are harsh on your windows. Allowing impurities to build up can lead to cracking and breakage in serious cases. Dirty windows look bad enough, but if they’re cracked, your building looks older and unkempt, which isn’t good for business. Cleaning the windows regularly prevents more severe and expensive issues later down the road.

Boost Employees’ Health and Happiness

Dust mites and allergens contribute to workplace sickness. If window impurities aren’t removed regularly, they circulate throughout the building and make workers ill. Cleaning the windows reduces discomfort and absenteeism among your associates. Additionally, sunlight boosts serotonin in the brain, which improves your mood.

Bright sunlight helps your employees power through their day since they’re more alert and upbeat. Conversely, extended exposure to fluorescent lighting can result in an elevated stress response in the workplace, so employees’ work ethic suffers; they’re less sure and make less effective decisions. For these reasons, most office workers prefer natural sunlight.

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Hire Professionals for the Job

High windows can be hard to reach, let alone clean. Our professionals have the tools and experience to give your windows the transformation they’ve been needing. Instead of using your valuable time to perform cleaning duties around your building, UCS is your partner that makes your facility shine. It’s worth your while to hire the professionals at United Commercial Services because:

We Use the Appropriate Products and Equipment

Windows require specialized cleaning agents, or else they’ll look worse. Streaks, residue, scratches, and fogginess aren’t appealing, but that’s what you’ll get if you use the incorrect cleaning tools and products. Don’t go out of your way to search for the right window cleaner and spend money on tools and products. We come prepared to perform the job perfectly, leaving every window in your facility spotless.

We Provide High-Quality, Long-Term Results

Commercial window cleaning services from UCS are worth every penny. We take our time and pay close attention to detail. You won’t believe how clean your windows look and how long their glow lasts. When visitors arrive at your building, they’ll be greeted by your flawlessly clean windows, leaving the right first impression.

Look No Further for Window Cleaning in Grand Rapids

The search for window cleaning in Grand Rapids is over. United Commercial Services specializes in general janitorial duties, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, and many other solutions. Window washing is one of our leading services. Your building should shine from top to bottom, and that includes your windows. Our window cleaning and pressure washing services are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Industry-trusted professionals arrive at your facility fully equipped to perform high-quality commercial window cleaning services.

Our streamlined process covers everything from the floors to the ceilings, and we pay close attention to your windows too. Our commercial window cleaning services add the perfect final touch to your building. We clean windows from the inside out, so both sides are sparkling when we’re finished.

United Commercial Services strives to make a lasting impression on each of our valued customers. Our solutions are designed to fortify your entire facility, and our team members offer excellent customer service, work ethic, and results. Don’t wait any longer. Call us today to schedule your walkthrough and customize your contract cleaning services with us.

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