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Who needs a commercial cleaning service?

At UCS, we perform both standard janitorial services and specialized services for commercial, education, industrial, medical, and construction companies. Our services, however, are not limited to these five industries. Any business with a large, multi-building campuses can benefit from commercial cleaning services and we would be proud to meet any need you have.

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Why choose UCS for your commercial cleaning needs?

Systematic Training

We start by turning strong candidates into incredible cleaners.

We hire the absolute best candidates possible for our team, and each undergoes an intensive training program that is focused on our service policies, our procedures, our technology, on-site training, general safety practices, and the facility in which they will be working.

Discover the impact training can have.

Streamlined Process

We incorporate a process that delivers consistent, high-quality cleaning.

A huge part of our rigorous training process is procedural training. Over the years, we have developed a standardized process for performing each individual janitorial task, as well as a standardized order in which to do them. Because every one of our employees is trained in the same processes, you always receive the same product — a clean facility — regardless of who is performing the actual work.

Innovative Technology

We support it with proprietary communication technology that allows us to improve and grow.

Intertwined with our process and amplified by our training, is our technology. In an effort to meet our goal of continuous improvement, we have developed a web-based application called Link that is entirely unique to our company. This app allows us to track, manage, and quickly respond to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

See how our tech impacts your results.
Flexibility, adaptability, and a quick response. That’s what I get with UCS. I find their ability to respond and adapt to my changing needs as valuable as their janitorial capabilities. I call them for everything because they truly make my days (and evenings) run smoother.”
Bill Lucksted   |   Grand Valley State University

We want to learn more about your needs.

We’re happy that you’ve taken a look at our website and would love to learn more about your cleaning and janitorial needs. If you’d like to see what our services might look like for your business, you can request a no-obligation walk-through of your facility below. Experiencing your organization firsthand will allow us to provide you with some preliminary thoughts on how we would handle your janitorial needs.

Request a Walk-through