A Responsive Crew that Quickly Becomes a Part of Your Team

In our 15+ years of working with Michigan colleges, universities, and other educational institutions, we’ve realized something — Schools. Are. Busy. There is always another lecture, conference, or event for which to prepare. Here at UCS, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to and address the shifting and sometimes last-minute needs of our customers, so that the right places are cleaned at the right times. Whether you’re looking for standard janitorial services for a single building or specialty cleaning services for your entire campus, we can provide you with a friendly staff of detail-oriented cleaners where and when you need them.

Flexibility, adaptability, and a quick response. That’s what I get with UCS. I find their ability to respond and adapt to my changing needs as valuable as their janitorial capabilities. I call them for everything because they truly make my days (and evenings) run smoother.”
Bill Lucksted   |   Grand Valley State University

Your Security is Our Priority

We know how important security is to your school. The safety of your students, faculty, and staff members isn’t something we take lightly, and we’ve developed a system that ensures we do not disrupt your security standards, but rather assist you in upholding them.

1. Extensive Background Checks

Each UCS employee undergoes an interview process that includes a state police background check and an e-verify screening. These precautionary tests help to ensure that our employees do not abuse illegal substances, have a suitable background to work in a school setting, and are eligible for work in the United States. In addition, our standard interview process includes a discussion-based skills assessment which helps us find the best candidate. If you have additional screening needs, we are more than willing to comply.

2. Disciplined Key Control

Whether it be through a standard key, a fob, or a card, when you work with a cleaning company, you grant them access to your facility. At UCS, we honor the trust you give us by ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry to your buildings. Any access devices we have are locked up tightly. Employees must sign out devices at the beginning of their shifts and return them when their shifts are over, so we always know who has access to your facility. If an access device is not returned to us after an employees shift, we immediately look into the problem and notify your team.

3. Reporting of Unusual Activity

Our team supervisors run reports after each shift in which they are encouraged to include any irregularities or unusual activity. This gives your campus an added layer of security that has proven to be incredibly beneficial to our customers in the past.


  • Daily contract cleaning
  • Windows
  • Daily Porter (attendant) services
  • Carpet care
  • Floor maintenance & restoration
  • Hard floor care

Specialty Services

  • High dusting (above 8 feet)
  • Grout cleaning & restoration
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Bio clean-up
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hard floor, VCT, LVT, ceramic, terrazzo, and polished cement restoration & maintenance
  • Power washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Light maintenance
  • Dormitory turns
  • Apartment cleaning

Why Choose UCS for your cleaning and janitorial needs?

Our Training

We produce consistent results.

Every business has to deal with employee turnover, sick days, and time off. But when it comes to cleaning, taking a day off isn’t really an option. Here at UCS, all of our employees undergo extensive training in our various cleaning methods and procedures so that you receive the same incredible service no matter who is cleaning your school.

Discover the impact training can have.

Our Process

We provide detailed work plans.

At UCS, we create workflows and work packets for all of our customers. These documents detail exactly what we clean and when we clean, as well as how we move through your building. This means that you’ll always know what day a specific floor, room, or office is scheduled for cleaning. If you are ever faced with a question from a student, staff member, or faculty member, you’ll have an answer quickly at hand.

Our Technology

We deliver exceptional response times.

We understand that communication is the key to a successful partnership. That is why we developed a proprietary web-based application for our company called Link. This application allows you to provide us with instant messages containing any comments, questions, concerns, or updates you may have. Because our customer service managers, on-site supervisors, and cleaning teams all receive your message you can be sure that it will be seen and addressed at all levels of our business. As an added bonus, we have a staff of over 240 employees that we can utilize to fulfill any unscheduled cleaning you may need us to perform. You just found out about a huge event taking place on your campus tomorrow? No problem. Let us know using Link, and we will ensure that your space is spotless.

See how our tech impacts your results.

How would we handle the cleaning of your school?

If you want more information about our services, are interested in a quote, or want to know more about our past projects, let’s schedule a walk-through of your facilities. Once we understand your needs, goals, and concerns, we can provide you with detailed information regarding the price and scope of our work.

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