Get the Right Crew at the Right Time

Because a construction project isn’t finished until cleanup is complete, many construction companies want to get a crew on-site as quickly as possible — but having a cleaning crew on-site too early can be a huge waste of time and money. We’ve partnered with construction companies on hundreds of projects across West Michigan, working on buildings like the Devos Children’s Hospital, Muskegon Mercy Health, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Grand Valley State University, and the Grand Rapids YMCA. Our vast experience in large-scale construction cleanup has given us the ability to time and execute cleanup perfectly for our customers. We know when a building is ready to be cleaned and with a staff of 240 employees, we can mobilize quickly so that you finish on time, within budget, and without any re-cleans.

Proud Users of E-Verify

We run background checks on all of our employees ensuring they have a suitable background to work in a construction setting. In addition, we verify that all of our employee candidates are eligible to work in the United States using E-Verify.

What else do we bring to the table?

Our Training

We can meet (almost) any deadline.

At UCS, we employ 240 individuals who have all been through our rigorous training program which covers our service policies, our procedures, our technology, on-site training, general safety practices, and training in the facility where the employee will be working. Having this many eligible staff members means that we can get the job done quickly and on short notice. In fact, we’ve been called the cleanup crew for cleanup crews because we’ve been hired numerous times to complete jobs for other companies that couldn’t make their deadlines.

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Our Process

We can work within a unique or complex schedule.

At UCS, we create work plans for all of our customers. These documents detail exactly what we clean and when we clean, as well as how we move through your building (e.g., we clean all of the bathrooms first). If you are working on a tight deadline and need us to clean certain parts of the facility while your team finishes work on others, we are more than happy to develop a strategic plan that optimizes our efficiency while keeping your costs low.

Our Technology

We will quickly respond to any need you have.

We employ a custom application called Link that is completely unique to our company. This application allows us to quickly and easily track, manage, and respond to any questions, comments, or requests you may have. Because our customer service managers, on-site supervisors, and cleaning teams are all notified of any messages you send, you can be sure that each and every message you send will be met with a detailed response. Whether you have small feedback about a task or need us to mobilize 50 employees to finish an unplanned project, you can count on us to respond quickly and take action.

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