We Keep Your Building Clean and Pristine

A clean building leaves a lasting impression, and an environment free of germs and bacteria is important. When your building is clean, it sends the message to visitors that you care about their health and safety, and that you take pride in taking measures to protect your staff and visitors.

United Commercial Services has been leaving buildings spotless for more than 25 years, playing an essential role in people’s health and wellbeing. Our quality cleaning services are designed to kill germs on contact and make the building shine, keeping occupants safe on your premises.


The Importance of Superb Surroundings

Everything in and around your building, including the walls, floors, and fixtures, can accumulate germs and microorganisms. Even soft surfaces can harbor impurities and dust mites. Unless these areas receive proper care and attention, they wreak havoc around the building and within your company in many different ways.

As germs linger in the atmosphere, they damage indoor air quality (IAQ), which can cause sickness among employees. A dirty building also creates an unpleasant smell, which makes matters worse. Foul odors are a bothersome distraction to business and may drive people away. Cleanliness does the opposite.

Greater Grand Rapids Janitorial Services

Getting commercial custodial services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, doesn’t have to be difficult. UCS has an extensive lineup of baseline janitorial services, including:

  • Dusting
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Window washing
  • Floor maintenance and restoration
  • Carpet care

We want to ensure your facility stays clean all day, so we also offer day porter services. You never have to worry about stopping productivity flow or neglecting customers to tend to your building—we’ve got you covered. We also offer daily contract cleaning.

Our Specialty Solutions

Your commercial building requires more than just routine cleaning services. UCS knows even the smallest details make a big difference. We want to make sure your work environment is sparkling clean from top to bottom. Some of our specialty solutions include:

  • High dusting (over 8 feet)
  • Grout cleaning and restoration
  • Power washing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Minor maintenance

We’ve worked with countless buildings, so we’re familiar with all kinds of surfaces. Our hard floor cleaning capabilities include ceramic, polished cement, and terrazzo, to name a few. Our extensive experience enables us to provide a customized cleaning that suits your facility’s unique needs.

Specialty Services

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hard floor, VCT, LVT, ceramic, terrazzo, and polished cement restoration & maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Light maintenance

What else do we bring to the table?

Our Training

Our sick days aren't your sick days.

We’re different from many other Grand Rapids commercial cleaning companies. Our employees undergo extensive training and learn various cleaning methods. We also document your needs and requirements and keep them in your file for reference. That way, even if our stand-in staff cleans your facility, they know exactly how you like it, making your office feel “just right.”

Discover the impact training can have.

Our Process

We provide answers before you ask questions.

We aim for 100% satisfaction every time. That includes holding ourselves accountable and maintaining clear communication throughout the process. Our onsite supervisors create reports after every shift that inform you of any challenges, roadblocks, or unusual activity. In other words, we don’t leave you guessing. We take the initiative to keep you informed on any changes and ensure resolution to issues as soon as possible.

Our Technology

We communicate well and frequently.

As technology evolves, so does United Commercial Services. To meet the needs of our customers, we’ve developed an online communication app called Link. Through Link, we can track, manage, and respond to any questions and concerns you may have regarding your services. Whether you’re requesting that we pay extra attention to a problem area in the kitchen or if you have specific instructions on how to leave the conference room, notify us through Link, and we’re on it.

See how our tech impacts your results.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, is filled with flourishing businesses. If your commercial building or office needs floor care, carpet cleaning, or disinfecting services, United Commercial Services is the one to call. After we speak to you and gather some important details about your facility, we can generate a quote for you. We look forward to doing business with you! Call us today for a free estimate.

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