More Transparent than Freshly Cleaned Windows

Here at UCS, we are heavily focused on two things when it comes to our services: Reliability and Transparency. Part of our code as an organization is to never deceive our customers — that’s why we will never claim to be perfect. We will, however, claim to be positively reliable and absolutely transparent. You can see how we live out these traits in our daily processes below.


Daily Reporting

Our on-site supervisors submit work reports after each shift which you have full access to.

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Accountability Metrics

We track missed, incomplete, or incorrectly performed tasks and have a system in place for ensuring they get done correctly every night going forward.

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External Review

You have a direct communication line (Link) to our entire team, allowing you to provide feedback, submit concerns, and give updates.

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Root Cause Analysis

We conduct a root cause analysis to determine the cause of any deficiencies and take necessary corrective action(s) to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Janitorial Services and Industrial Cleaning

Your staff deserves a clean environment that supports optimum performance. With our janitorial services, you can provide them with a clutter-free space that allows for a focused and attentive mind. And because we take care of all of the cleaning duties — including completion and quality reports — you can fully concentrate on your business.

Specialty Services

In addition to cleaning services, our contract holders can hire us for specialty services. Because we are already familiar with the facilities and staff members of our current customers as well as their specific needs, challenges, and goals, working with us is a hassle-free solution to any specialty service needs. You can take a look at the specialty services we offer below.

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Flooring Experts

Floors are a big part of the appearance of your building but replacing old worn floors is expensive. We can help with carpet cleaning, hardwood and hard-surface floor cleaning, and tile and grout restoration.

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Paint & Epoxy Coatings

Whether you need to protect your floors, walls, specialty equipment, or the exterior of your building, we can offer coatings and coverage systems for every area of your facility.

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Facility Maintenance

We go beyond what you would expect from a traditional cleaning service provider, performing tasks such as: furnace filter replacement, light bulb replacement, power washing, and more.

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That’s great…but what does it cost?

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