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Specialty Contract Cleaning Services in Michigan


Your staff spends about 40 hours in the office every week. This shows the number of hours they could be exposed to different health problems if the environment were unsafe. This could affect their productivity and performance, and the impact will be noticed in your company’s output. With contract cleaning services from United Commercial Services, you don’t need to worry about cleaning tasks in your workplace anymore.

Janitorial Services and Industrial Cleaning

Your office staff deserves a clean environment that supports optimum performance. With our cleaning services, you can focus on your business and let us take care of the cleaning duties. Our services include carpet cleaning, emergency cleanup, power washing, industrial clean-up, window cleaning, and construction clean-up. We use certified green products to ensure that your staff is not exposed to chemicals that can affect their health. Additionally, we have industrial-grade cleaning equipment and tools to ensure that your facility is completely tidy after the job.

Specialty Services for Contract Holders

In addition to cleaning services, our contract holders can also hire us for specialty services such as handyman services, industrial line striping, industrial/commercial painting, epoxy floor coatings, tile and grout restoration, light bulb replacement, and upholstery cleaning. Each of our team members has been hired, assessed, and trained by UCS to ensure that our clients have the right people working in their facilities and buildings.


Our clients can sign a one-to-three-year contract to reap the maximum benefits of our services. With contract cleaning services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy team to keep your facility clean. We also accept third party contracts with companies, such as property management companies, who are in need of cleaning services for their clients. Whether you are a school, university, restaurant or a company, United Commercial Services might just be your best bet for office cleaning.