When business is booming, you probably don’t have time to stop and clean things. Day porter services take the pressure off your shoulders. You can continue your daily duties while day porters keep the place clean.

What Is a Day Porter?

A day porter goes to your facility and performs cleaning duties during business hours. Imagine having a store full of customers, and you or staff members have to stop working so you can clean up some mess somewhere. You likely don’t want to pull your employees from their posts to perform janitorial tasks, and that’s where day porters come in. They’ll keep your building spic and span without affecting productivity.

United Commercial Services offers more than general cleaning solutions. We’re the go-to day porter company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our diligent day porters integrate with your company’s staff to maintain a presentable image at all times.

Why Are Day Porter Services Essential to Commercial Buildings?

USC understands that commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes and have various requirements. Depending on your building’s condition and how busy you usually are, our day porters alleviate the stress of keeping the facility looking its best. As the day progresses, provisions run low, germs and impurities accumulate, and small messes are left unattended.

When the building’s condition isn’t taken care of, it sends a message of carelessness to customers, which is bad for business and reflects poorly on the company. Day porters are vital to your commercial building because they make sure it’s clean and tidy even with customers constantly coming and going.

What Can Day Porters Do Throughout Their Shift?

Day porter services are totally dependent on you and what you need. Create a list of tasks you’d like your day porter to complete, and consider it done. It’s their job to move around the building, tackling task after task, so the building stays as clean and orderly as possible. When they’re at your facility, you’re in charge, and they follow your cleaning instructions precisely. When you invest in UCS’s day porter services, your assigned cleaner takes care of things like:

Restroom Cleaning and Restocking

Public restrooms are some of the biggest hot spots for germs. Day porters clean, sanitize, and disinfect from the sinks to the stalls to rectify this issue. Since restrooms are typically covered in microbes and impurities, they have to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross contamination and leave the room smelling fresh and inviting.

You’ve been to company restrooms that looked atrocious. What makes matters worse is if they had hardly any tissue, soap, or paper towels. Day porter services eliminate foul odors and reduce the likelihood of germ buildup so your guests feel comfortable and at ease in your facilities. Day porters also restock restrooms with the proper necessities, so customers aren’t inconvenienced by a lack of resources when they need them.

High-Touch Point Cleaning

High-touch points are surfaces that receive more contact than others. Things like door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, and register areas need extra attention. Since people transfer germs to various places and objects, day porter services should also include high-touch point cleaning. Frequently disinfecting certain surfaces reduces the number of germs and makes them safer for the next person who touches them.

Build-up and impurities aren’t always visible, but an overabundance of them is dangerous, especially when they’re microscopic and not easy to notice. Day porters play an essential role at your company by removing microorganisms and bacteria, making your facility a safer place.

Trash Removal

Overflowing trash is never a good look. It leaves trash bins unusable, looks careless, and fills the room with a foul odor. Although you notice trash hanging out of the receptacle, or trash bins, you and the staff may not always be able to stop what you are doing and take it out. UCS day porter services include trash removal in common areas like restrooms, break rooms, and dining rooms. The trash accumulates and needs to be disposed of multiple times daily. Otherwise, you risk your company looking unprofessional.

Mop Up Spills

Accidents happen, but business must go on. When there’s a spill or a mess, the professional thing to do is clean it up right away. But when your hands are tied, or you lack the proper tools and supplies, spills and messes can go ignored or improperly cleaned. Our day porter services make that a thing of the past. We have the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment to tend to any accidents, no matter where they occur.

Minor Maintenance

That light bulb that’s gone out in the utility closet, or the desk with a few missing screws, can finally be fixed with an attentive day porter. Things are worn down or damaged more frequently when you have a high-traffic company. It’s expected that things here and there need minor maintenance, so day porters are there to eliminate little issues that have lasted for too long. Your day porter is responsible for these small yet important tasks that you and staff can’t get around to.

If the only thing your company is missing is a trained facility manager to keep the premises looking perfect, UCS is here to help! Ask About Customizable Services

For Excellent Day Porter Cleaning Call United Commercial Services

Your search for a dynamic day porter company ends here. We’re United Commercial Services, and we want to restore your trust in commercial cleaning professionals. We train our team thoroughly, so they perform a cleaning job that you’re 100% pleased with every time. Give us a call to let us know what you’re looking for in a routine cleaning plan. We’re happy to accommodate you with day porter services or any other solutions you need.