Contract cleaning services ensure your building stays in pristine condition on a daily basis. While you and your staff handle clients and business matters, United Commercial Services keeps your building spick-and-span.

Stay on Track With Keeping Your Building Clean

Presentable surroundings speak volumes of your company’s professionalism. When you follow a building cleaning schedule, you set the tone for high-quality service and a pleasant client experience. United Commercial Service cleaners treat your facility like their own, cleaning and disinfecting top to bottom. Regularly scheduled cleaning services keep your building fresh at all times. Contract cleaning services ensure you don’t fall behind with necessary precautions to combat germs and bacteria.

Allowing microbes and impurities to fester makes associates and visitors susceptible to sickness. However, daily cleaning prevents buildup and makes your facility safer. Between tending to clients, completing business tasks, and attending meetings, you and your staff have many important responsibilities. However, cleaning is just as vital and shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner. United Commercial Services has your Grand Rapids company covered with our stellar cleaning solutions.

What To Include In Contract Cleaning Services?

What's your industry? Whether you have a school, office, or industrial warehouse, UCS has the perfect cleaning system for your building. From general cleaning services to specialty solutions, it's best to consider your location's unique needs. Our trained, dedicated professionals reinvigorate your site with every visit. We tailor our contract cleaning services to your specific requirements. However, some of the most popular options across every industry include:

General Custodial Duties

Dusting, sweeping, and mopping are a few basic necessary tasks. As high traffic areas gather dust mites, crumbs, muddy shoe prints, and other debris, it’s important to address these areas daily to prevent buildup. Eliminating unsightly accumulation keeps your building from having a messy appearance. Filth and clutter also attract bugs and pests, especially in workplaces or warehouses. Invest in daily office cleaning services or day porter visits to avoid these issues.

Restroom Cleaning

Although public restrooms take up the least space in commercial buildings, they’re usually the dirtiest. United Commercial Services’ team members are trained thoroughly to sanitize and disinfect restrooms since they’re hot spots for bacteria. Additionally, we use safe and effective EPA-approved cleaning products to get the job done correctly. Poor restroom conditions reflect terribly on your company. Uphold your reputation for cleanliness and professionalism by adding restroom deep cleaning to your janitorial routine.

High-Touch Point Cleaning

Some surfaces and areas in your building need more attention than others. Contract cleaning services should include high-touch point cleaning. This service removes dirt and germs from things like doorknobs, faucets, phones, and light switches. Since countless people contact objects like these several times a day, they quickly accumulate microorganisms. Therefore, they need frequent cleaning. Doing so reduces the spread of germs and viruses.

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Why Prioritize Contract Cleaning Services?

It’s challenging to function properly in an unkempt environment. Plus, it leaves a bad impression on clients and visitors. Contract cleaning services keep your company presentable every day, which offers many benefits, including:

Improved Workplace Safety

When bacteria builds up, germs and viruses spread throughout your company. Now more than ever, people’s health and safety are at risk due to the spread of disease. However, contract cleaning services consistently kill germs on contact, preventing them from thriving and multiplying within your building.

Better Productivity

The building won’t clean itself, but it’s counterproductive to pull associates from business matters to tend to janitorial duties. Our professionals take care of your building while you focus on what matters most—getting your job done in a timely and efficient manner. Not only do clean surroundings improve concentration and minimize distractions, but they also reduce sick days. Associates out sick impact your company’s efficiency. However, it reduces absenteeism and keeps more hands on deck when they’re healthy and well.

Enhanced Company Reputation

If your office or school is clean and tidy, it shows you care about your building’s appearance and condition. Dirty restrooms, stained hard floors, smudges on walls, and caked-on dust don’t reflect well on your organization. Once word spreads of your company’s poor interior condition, it diminishes people’s interest, making them look elsewhere to conduct business.

United Commercial Services Never Misses a Beat

Your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority, so we use everything in our power to perform a job well done. Our customer service, transparency, and attention to detail have helped us maintain our customers’ patronage. We make ourselves available to you when you need us and complete your cleaning checklist one area at a time. UCS is set apart from other cleaning companies because we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and boost your peace of mind with our custom communication app, Link. This specially designed program allows you to communicate with us any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, and we address them with a sense of urgency.

We encourage you to prioritize contract cleaning services. By doing so, you benefit from having less responsibility and a team of experts that keep your company looking its best. Plus, we offer daily reporting, accountability metrics, an external review of our services, and a root cause analysis to ensure we correct certain inefficiencies once and for all.

Don’t settle for substandard service. If your business is located in Greater Grand Rapids, Traverse City, or Kalamazoo, Michigan, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a walkthrough. We look forward to breathing new life into your company.

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