At United Commercial Services, we believe in a thorough clean from top to bottom. Your facility isn’t truly clean unless the floors are shiny and spotless. Learn why it’s best to invest in commercial hard floor maintenance.

Are Your Commercial Hard Floors in Good Condition?

When was the last time you took a good look at your facility’s floors? After looking closely, did you notice dirt, dust, and stains across the surface? Were they dull, scratched, and scuffed? If you see any of these imperfections, your customers likely do, too. Your company’s image matters, and keeping a clean building should remain a top priority for all business owners. Janitorial services are not limited to general duties, such as dusting, wiping down, and disinfecting. Although those tasks and others must be completed regularly, don’t forget about what’s equally important: commercial hard floor maintenance.

United Commercial Services knows that clean, sparkling floors can make a big difference on the image your company projects. Our crew can boost your company’s appearance by taking good care of your floors. Commercial hard floor maintenance dramatically improves the work environment and leaves a lasting impression on guests. When people step foot inside your facility, make sure bright, shiny floors greet them. Look no further than UCS for unbeatable commercial floor cleaning in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Are Your Commercial Cleaning Services Missing Vital Steps?

Quality cleaning services are incomplete without standard solutions—sweeping and mopping barely scratches the surface of our commercial hard floor maintenance. In addition to floor scrubbing and buffing, we also perform professional floor stripping and waxing services. If it’s been a while since your building has received the care and attention it needs, deep restoration is key to bringing it back to life.

The surroundings in which we work and conduct business play an integral role in our health, attitudes, and the decisions we make. By ensuring you invest in commercial cleaning and hard floor maintenance, you contribute to a professional-looking setting that puts occupants at ease and can contribute to customer retention. Here’s the commercial hard floor maintenance UCS offers to business owners:

Floor Scrubbing and Buffing

Your floors receive substantial foot traffic throughout each day. As time goes on, shoe prints, caked-on dirt, and other impurities cover the floor, making them look dirty and unkempt. Although sweeping and mopping are essential to commercial hard floor maintenance, the two services alone aren’t enough to make your floors look their best.

UCS uses specialized tools and detergents to scrub and buff the floors. Our staff is trained to use an auto scrubber with the appropriate cleaning agent to remove grime and germs from the surface. Although the scrubbing machine is tough on dirt, it won’t ruin the wax finish on your floors.

After scrubbing, we follow up with floor buffing services. Scratches and scuffs won’t just disappear over time; it’s better to take proactive measures and buff them away. Our experienced cleaners perform a job perfectly done, revealing the shine that was hiding beneath the imperfections for months or even years.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Commercial hard floor maintenance should also revitalize the coating of wax as needed. Stripping and waxing floors are vital services that help maintain the integrity of your floors. High-traffic areas get run down, and stains and imperfections eventually set in, making them seem impossible to remove. If your floors have been scrubbed and buffed and they still don’t look as good as you wanted, it’s time to take your commercial hard floor maintenance to the next level and schedule professional stripping and waxing by UCS.

This two-step process goes beyond deep cleaning. Stripping removes the existing layer of wax that was covered in debris and build-up. Once all the old wax has been removed, we apply a fresh layer of wax to restore shine. The new layer of wax is a durable protective barrier, shielding the surface from further damage for the foreseeable future. Routine stripping and waxing services keep your facility looking as good as new for as long as possible

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The Importance of Professional Commercial Hard Floor Maintenance

Getting mandatory floor repairs or a replacement can be a budget-busting expense. Keep in mind that when you neglect floor scrubbing and buffing and skip stripping and waxing treatments, it costs more in the long run. Instead of letting your floors get out of hand or making your staff clean them, it’s better to hire experts to perform the job correctly and efficiently. Hiring a dedicated team of professional cleaners keeps you and your staff focused on your tasks without sacrificing productivity or slowing progress.

Your commercial hard floors speak volumes about your values and reflect your company’s image. Make sure they’re sending the right message to employees and guests. When people enter your facility, they should be met with clean, spotless floors.

Get Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Solutions From UCS

United Commercial Services has served Grand Rapids and West Michigan for over two decades. We take excellent care of your facility on a regular basis and keep up with routine maintenance so you and your staff can focus on business matters. Floor care should never be a second thought or pushed to the back burner. It pays off tremendously when you take care of your property from top to bottom.

Our commercial hard floor maintenance keeps your floors looking pristine during your entire ownership. Plus, we make sure they’re in great condition for the next occupants if you put your facility on the market. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk about the many services we offer. Your facility is in good hands with us.