Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Extend Your Floor’s Lifespan

Your commercial floor is going to get dirty. It’s a guaranteed outcome, just like gravity and taxes. However, you can do something about it. Commercial floor cleaning services train their employees to clean and extend the lifespan of commercial floors by utilizing proper commercial cleaning training.

Why It’s Essential To Preserve Your Commercial Floor

Every part of your commercial space is an investment—windows, doors, roofs, and especially floors. Roofs take the brunt of external damage, while floors take the load of internal wear and tear. Employees, guests, machinery, material handling equipment, and other moving objects wear down and dirty floors daily. That’s why a commercial space needs a floor cleaning service that specializes in servicing commercial floors.

How Do Commercial Floor Cleaning Companies Preserve Floors?

If you have a computer security issue, you wouldn’t ask a salesperson to address the issue. You would hire a professional computer technician. It’s the same with commercial cleaning.

Commercial cleaning services have industry knowledge, experience, and proper tools to clean and maintain floors correctly. These professional cleaning services can clean and extend the life of floors in commercial buildings, schools and campuses, industrial sites, medical facilities, and construction companies.

Here are some reasons why commercial floor cleaning services are necessary for servicing commercial floors.

Industry Knowledge

Like every profession, experts must have extensive knowledge in their field of industry. Commercial floor cleaning services are no exception.

For example, you shouldn’t use ammonia or overly wet mops to clean wood floors. These cleaning options damage the polish and condition of wood floors. Commercial cleaning professionals know what products, chemicals, and tools they need for specific jobs.

Different chemicals react differently with surfaces. You need a certified cleaning expert to know your commercial space inside and out, ensuring every area of your building is correctly cleaned.

Proper Cleaning Techniques

Every cleaning task requires a suitable cleaning material and tool. However, you also need to know how to administer these cleaning materials and tools to clean a commercial floor properly and keep them in excellent condition.

For example, steam and heat pressurized cleaning devices are excellent for cleaning particular floors, but they require proper technique. You can damage a commercial floor if you clean it the wrong way.

Commercial floor cleaning services train their teams on properly using cleaning materials and tools to clean and extend a floor’s lifespan.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The general rule of thumb is a certified cleaning service should deep clean commercial floors around twice a year. This rule also includes carpeted floors.

Carpeted floors trap more dirt and germs than you might expect. A dirty carpeted floor is unsanitary, to say the least. A five-minute vacuum session isn’t going to clean your carpeted floors properly.

Suppose your commercial space has commercial carpeting on an entire floor or just before an entrance. In that case, a professional needs to clean them, removing harmful materials and extending their lifespan.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial cleaning equipment is an expensive investment. Single pieces of cleaning equipment can exceed thousands of dollars, which smaller businesses can struggle to obtain. Commercial cleaning equipment can also take up large areas of space, requiring rooms or storage closets to fill them.

Luckily, commercial floor cleaning services already have this equipment, so your business doesn’t have to supply it. Floor cleaning services transport the proper cleaning equipment to your commercial property and take it out when they finish their job, removing the need for extra expenses and storage space.

Scheduled Cleanings

A commercial floor cleaning service ensures your floors will be cleaned and maintained regularly. Depending on foot traffic and environmental factors, cleaning services can schedule a set number of floor cleanings throughout the year. If you have periods of the year that are less busy, cleaning professionals can service your floors during those times.

Floors are similar to sports cars or your teeth—they all need regular maintenance and service. A car needs oil changes, and your teeth need cleanings. Commercial floors require scheduled cleaning and restoration to achieve the same goals.


Whether you’re a commercial, educational, or industrial business, United Commercial Services is the ultimate commercial floor cleaning service for you. Our team of trained cleaning professionals will clean and maintain your commercial floors, ensuring they’re protected for years to come. 

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Preserve My Commercial Floor

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Extend Your Floor’s Lifespan


Commercial Floor Cleaning Summary

  • Commercial floors are an essential investment like any other part of your building. Professional cleaning services are required to adequately clean and preserve them.
  • Industry knowledge is required to service commercial floors correctly. Commercial floor cleaning services have experience and extensive expertise in properly cleaning and maintaining commercial floors.
  • Proper cleaning techniques ensure your floors are restored and won’t suffer damage or deterioration from improper cleaning.
  • Commercial cleaning equipment is expensive and space-consuming. Professional cleaning services bring needed cleaning equipment and remove it after they finish.
  • Scheduled cleaning ensures experts regularly service your commercial floors, keeping them in excellent condition while extending their lifespan.

    Choose United Commercial Services to Professionally Cleans Your Commercial Floors

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