A systematic approach that delivers excellent outcomes.

We hire motivated team players that are eager to collaborate. Our intensive training program begins in the classroom, then moves to our innovative on-site shop for hands-on orientation. Once team members understand our policies, procedures, service specialties, and on-site processes, they’re deployed to your facility.

We start with the best candidates.

We recruit determined candidates who have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to delivering results.

Then match them with experienced training supervisors and managers.

Each of our trainers is an experienced, motivated leader who takes pride in teaching new employees our unique commercial cleaning system.

These leaders guide trainees through in-house training.

Every new UCS team member is trained in basic cleaning techniques, such as mopping, dusting, and surface cleaning in our facility, with collaborative instruction and ongoing feedback.

In-house training expands into specialty services.

Detailed, specialized training is curated based on the type of environment in which each trainee will be working. Cleaning a biotech laboratory is vastly different than cleaning a manufacturing facility, so we ensure our team members are equipped with the most appropriate skills.

On-site training is the final step of our education process.

New team members spend their entire first week with their team leader to throughly understand the unique processes that each facility requires.

Ready to see our training in action?

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