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Rigorous Training Program For Excellent Service

Training - UCS Inc.

Using a proprietary process, we recruit, hire and train only the best candidates. Each of our cleaners takes part in our intensive training program before they even set foot in the customer’s facility. Cleaning processes, safety, and site security are among the top concerns that are covered with every hire.

Our cleaners are trained first in our in-house training facility, then at our off-site location, and finally at the customer’s facility. Each of our trainers is an experienced supervisor and manager who take pride in teaching new employees the UCS system of commercial cleaning. Our extensive training process involves four steps:


New employees are instructed in Service Performance policies, procedures, and other necessary entry-level information.

Initial Training

Every new janitorial member of our staff is trained in basic cleaning techniques, such as mopping, dusting, disinfecting, etc. Once completed, more detailed training is given with regard to the type of environment in which they will be working. After all, cleaning a biotech laboratory is vastly different than cleaning a manufacturing facility.

On-site Training

Our supervisors spend the entire first week on the job site with a new cleaner, offering guidance and instruction that results in the best possible outcome for you.

Safety Training

While staying in compliance with all state and federal OSHA standards we also utilize Materials Safety Data Sheets, which are required by law and must be on-site for any chemical provided by a cleaning contractor. We post this information and fully comply with all legal requirements. We also provide additional training for employees regarding the chemicals they will use.