Our tailored technology allows us to continuously improve by tracking performance and staying connected.

In the dawn of UCS, we noticed that many new customers experienced a lack of responsiveness from their former cleaning partners. We crafted an intuitive app, LINK, to pair with our exceptional service, allowing us to track and manage projects while quickly responding to questions, comments, and concerns. This access enables our team to continuously improve with ease while offering complete performance transparency as we partner with our customers.

1. Issue

You arrive on Monday morning and are informed that an unexpected board meeting is taking place tomorrow at 8:00 AM in Conference Room B. You send us a message via LINK to let us know that you need the room cleaned as soon as possible.

2. Action

Our Customer Service Manager (CSM), on-site supervisor, and cleaning team all receive your message. The CSM formulates an action plan and notifies you that Conference Room B will be cleaned before the board meeting.

3. Deployment

We mobilize our team Monday night to thoroughly clean Conference Room B. Upon completion, our on-site supervisor completes a quality check of the room, confirming that every inch of the room has been meticulously cleaned.

4. Notification

You receive an email or text from our system confirming that the work has been completed, and audited by our CSM, on-site supervisor, and cleaning team, including notes outlining the night’s work.

5. Resolution

Your team has a successful board meeting in the freshly cleaned conference room and your boss congratulates you on a job well done; potential crisis averted. In addition to issue resolution, LINK is also leveraged to:

  • Monitor task and project completion
  • Note roadblocks & inefficiencies
  • Report maintenance issues
  • Improve service quality
  • Detect suspicious activity

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