No one is perfect, but our application gets us closer everyday.

If you ask a janitorial and cleaning company what makes them different, many will reply “Our dedication to your needs” or “Our high-quality cleaning services,” but the truth is that most companies don’t have a way of tracking their dedication or quality. At UCS, we believe backing up our claims to exceptional service is a must. So, we’ve created a web-based application that helps us deliver for our clients every day.

Link: The Custom Communication App from UCS

Soon after the founding of UCS, we realized that many of our potential customers were experiencing a lack of responsiveness from their cleaning partners. Questions and concerns would go unaddressed for days (if not weeks) and these businesses would have to handle any janitorial problems that arose themselves. We saw an opportunity to address this problem in the market, and decided to create a proprietary communication tool. Today, this tool is called Link, and it allows us to track, manage, and quickly respond to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Better still, it allows you to see our company with full transparency — how we communicate about your company, how we handle challenges and roadblocks, and how we continuously strive to improve our services. Below is an example of how you might use Link to receive an agile response from our team.


You walk into work on Monday morning and are informed that an unexpected board meeting is taking place tomorrow at 8:00 AM in Conference Room B. You send us a message via Link letting us know that you need the room cleaned as soon as possible (and before 8:00 AM tomorrow).


Our Customer Service Manager (CSM), on-site supervisor, and cleaning team all receive your message. The CSM formulates a plan of action and lets you know that conference room B will be cleaned in time for your board meeting.


We mobilize our team Monday night, and clean conference room B. Upon completion, our on-site supervisor does a quality check of the room, confirming that every inch of the room has been thoroughly cleaned.


You receive an email or text from our system from our confirming that the work has been completed (and checked by our CSM, on-site supervisor, and cleaning team). You also receive cleaning notes from our team which outline the night’s work and highlight any significant pieces of information you might find useful.


You have a successful board meeting in your freshly cleaned conference room. Your boss congratulates you on a job well done, and everything returns to normal. Potential crisis averted.

Other Benefits Link Provides:

Outside of allowing us to provide timely responses to any questions, concerns, comments, or updates you have for us (including unexpected cleaning requests), Link has the following beneficial uses:

  • Monitor task-completion
  • Document roadblocks, challenges, and inefficiencies
  • Report facility or maintenance issues
  • Note any suspicious activity in your facility
  • Document that contract obligations are being met
  • Improve the quality of our services through self-auditing

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