How To Communicate With Your Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

 Hiring a commercial cleaning service provider is a great way to ensure your working environment is safe and sanitary. But effective communication between your company and the service provider is essential to mutual success.


Tips for Communicating with Your Cleaning Service Provider

Hiring a commercial cleaning services provider to keep your workspace clean requires proper communication. This will help manage expectations on both sides. While a reputable service provider will likely already have cleaning routines and processes in place, it’s essential that you relay what you want.

If you’re searching for tips about communicating with your commercial cleaning service, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn what good communication should look like.

Take Time to Get to Know the Staff of Commercial Cleaner

Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship is vital in business. Getting to know your commercial cleaning service provider and its staff members will help kickstart good communication habits. You’ll learn about specialization, understand work processes, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the service offered, the workers, and the service provider.

Identify What Spaces Need to be Cleaned for More Effective Cleaning Service

The only way you can realistically hold the commercial cleaning services provider accountable is if you first lay out what you expect. Ensure you clearly identify the spaces that require cleaning—and communicate precisely what you mean by a thorough cleaning. Are there areas requiring more attention than others? Let the cleaning professionals know so they can prioritize and focus as necessary. Cleaning crew members can only meet your expectations when they understand the scope and tasks ahead of them.


Proper Communication Between Company and Customers Is Critical.


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Why You Should Speak With Your Commercial Cleaners

You shouldn’t only communicate with management at the commercial cleaning service provider. It’s also essential to speak with the workers doing the work on your property.

Communicate with the Workers When They’re on the Job

Talking with workers is beneficial in building strong relationships. These relationships can make workers feel accountable and motivated to do their best work for you and your facility. During these conversations, you can also let them know if there are areas in need of their attention. The good rapport you have established will be mutually beneficial throughout your partnership.

Also, if someone on the cleaning crew does something you disapprove of, you can address the matter directly rather than taking it up with management later. Things will flow more smoothly if your staff and the commercial cleaning service provider’s staff have good communication..

Provide Feedback

Another thing to consider when it comes to communication is providing feedback. You’ll find this to be especially useful early on in the partnership. Review the work being performed. That way, you can let the commercial cleaning service provider know if you have any issues and prevent small problems from becoming big disasters down the road.

Good communication will help strengthen the client-service provider relationship and prevent unnecessary issues. But if you’re going to let the workers know when things aren’t done to your exact specifications, don’t hold back giving compliments when the job is done right. Letting the workers know they’re doing a good job will make a big difference going forward.

Ensure Your Staff Members Are Cooperative

Communication is a two-way street. While you’ll have expectations of the staff at the commercial cleaning service company you hire, there are things you can do to make things flow smoothly.

Decluttering Goes a Long Way

You can make things easier for the workers who clean your office by getting rid of clutter. They need a safe, uncluttered space to work. It’s best to get rid of clutter ahead of time so that the cleaning staff can do their jobs with no hindrance. If the cleaning crew members recommend what your company can do to make the process more productive, do your best to comply within reason. Giving the cleaning workers a safe working space is in the best interests of both parties. Things will flow more smoothly if you go this route.

Ask Cleaning Staff What Your Company Can Do to Help

It doesn’t hurt to ask the cleaning staff what your company can do to create a smoother partnership. If the cleaning staff perform some of their duties when your staff are on the job, there may be arrangements that can be made to ensure there are no problems. Listening to what the cleaning staff has to say and then discussing matters if need be will benefit both sides.

You’ll see things with a new set of eyes, and the cleaning staff will understand things from your company’s perspective. At the end of the day, two-way communication will help and ensure your commercial cleaning services only get better with time.

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