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UCS is a Grand Rapids and Traverse City-based commercial janitorial service provider that is trusted to clean and maintain facilities for education, industrial, medical, and construction organizations across Michigan. Our unmatched tools, training, and technology strategies help to maintain clean and organized environments that foster focused productivity for teams and deliver elegant experiences for customers, keeping Michigan businesses thriving.


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Transparent Culture

UCS was founded on a culture of transparency and a drive to deliver better outcomes every night than we did the night before. We believe that “good enough” never actually is; there is always room to improve and continue to grow.

In an effort to embody our principals we crafted a proprietary communication app, LINK. LINK pairs with our exceptional service by allowing us to track and manage projects while quickly responding to questions, comments, or concerns. This access enables our team to continuously improve with ease while offering complete performance transparency as we partner with our customers.

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Staff That Delivers

To deliver unparalleled contract cleaning services, we employ an intensive recruiting and assessment process in which each new team candidate is thoroughly evaluated before joining the UCS team.

Those who are selected undergo a rigorous onboarding program that includes orientation, classroom training, on-site training, and safety training to guarantee that every team member delivers consistent and thorough service.

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Promises Kept

We are committed to offering the absolute best cleaning services. But commitment isn’t what differentiates us from our competitors — reinforcing our commitment with action is what makes us spectacular.

LINK, our unique communication app, allows us to continuously improve by tracking performance and staying connected. Whether there’s a last-minute board meeting that requires immediate detailing of a conference room or a missed trash can that needs special attention, our systems enable instant reporting, feedback, monitoring, and complete issue resolution.

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Green Company

To create a sustainable world that is safe and clean for everyone, we use Green Seal™ cleaning products to provide excellent service without releasing harmful chemicals, ensuring the health and safety of all people that use your facility.

Each of our workflows is also uniquely designed for efficiency in order to be thorough and conserve resources.

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