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UCS is a Grand Rapids and Traverse City-based cleaning and janitorial company that has serviced commercial, education, industrial, medical, and construction organizations across West Michigan for 2 decades. We are proud to say that we are the go-to option for many Michigan businesses and currently service 12.5 million square feet every night. We owe our success to our customers who, through the years, have helped us develop the sturdy foundation on which each of our partnerships are built; one that prioritizes customer care, satisfaction, and retention. This foundation is evident in every aspect of our business and is what makes UCS feel like a part of your organization.


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A Culture of Transparency

UCS was founded on the idea that we could provide janitorial and cleaning services to organizations that were better than anyone else. This isn’t due to arrogance or some inflated self-importance; it is based on an established culture of transparency and a drive to be better every night than we were the night before. As a company, we believe that good enough is never actually good enough. There is always room to improve, and we believe the only way to do that is through complete transparency. Nothing good comes from sweeping mistakes under the rug, and it is our priority to acknowledge and own any shortcomings we have so that we can continue to grow.

In an effort to embody this principal, we’ve developed a proprietary communication app called Link. Using Link, our on-site supervisors submit reports after each of their shifts that you have full access to. You are able to see exactly what went on in your facility from task completion, to road blocks, to other significant notes. In this way, we hope you will come to see our organization as a part of your own, not a separate company.

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A Staff That Delivers

You expect a janitorial and cleaning contractor to deliver results as promised. To meet this need, we employ an intensive recruiting and assessment process in which each new job candidate is thoroughly evaluated before joining our team. Those who are selected undergo a rigorous training program that includes orientation, initial training, on-site training, and safety training. This guarantees that every employee who works in your facility can deliver consistent and thorough service on each and every one of their duties.

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A Promise We Keep

We are wholly committed to doing the absolute best job possible for you and your organization. But “being committed” isn’t what separates us from our competitors — reinforcing that commitment with action is what makes us different. Link (our proprietary communication tool) helps us guarantee quality every time we work at your facility. Using this tool, you can send us messages containing feedback or updates on our tasks. For example, let’s say there is a well hidden trash can on your third floor that our team has missed. You can message us via Link and everyone from our cleaners to our officers will see the message. We will then add “third floor trash can” to a special list that our on-site supervisors check after every shift. “Third floor trash can” will stay on this list for a month until we are confident that our team is completing the job every single time. Using this process for feedback and accountability, we are able to keep our promise of quality service and continuous improvement.

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A Green Company

In all of our operations, we strive to create a sustainable world that is safe and clean for everyone. As such, we are one of the leading green companies in our area. We use Green Seal™ cleaning products in most of the services we offer. These products do not release or leave harmful chemicals that can adversely affect your staff and other building occupants, ensuring the health and safety of all people that use your facility. We also create custom workflows for each project so we can develop the best cleaning routine for your business.

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