Our business is as unique as yours. That’s why each of our programs is developed specifically for the particular requirements of your facility.

Some office-cleaning contractors apply the same cookie-cutter process to every customer. We design a program that is as individual as your facility. Pair that with our site-specific cleaning method, our multi-level Quality Assurance Program, and our proprietary task-tracking web app (The Link), and you have a rock-solid cleaning program with accountability built-in.
No one else in West Michigan has this.

Our workflow.

Perhaps the single biggest contribution to our Quality Assurance Program is our cleaning method. We develop a site-specific cleaning process for each cleaner in each facility. This process is then broken down into a workflow, which is the general manner in which we move through a building. From there, we develop a schedule for each cleaner. This schedule works in conjunction with all others, ensuring a logical and efficient cleaning order through your facility.

Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance Program involves employees from multiple levels. From weekly, executive-level walk-throughs to nightly supervisory feedback and individual cleaner accountability, any deficiencies are corrected immediately and before the cleaner leaves your facility.

Proprietary Task-Tracking Web App

We’ve partnered with a local IT firm to develop our own daily task-tracking tool for those items that crop up unexpectedly. The Link is a web-based application that generates issue tickets, tracks progress in real-time, communicates with team members via email, and ensures that tasks are satisfactorily resolved. It’s as easy as sending an email.

It’s hard to find a single supplier that excels at everything they do, but with UCS, that’s what I have. With their janitorial services, I know that I am getting the best service and value in the area. That’s why I’ve used them for over ten years.”
Tom G.   |   Office Furniture Manufacturer