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Epoxy Coatings

Combined with our cleaning services, our commercial surfaces division allows us to provide our clients a complete solution in maintaining, cleaning and renewing their buildings.

Heavy traffic, frequent impacts and even everyday chemical exposure can impose a heavy toll on your floors making it difficult, if not impossible, to clean and maintain them properly. Not only does that reflect poorly on your organization but it exposes you to health, safety and environmental liabilities.

Whatever your surface, exposure conditions, or regulatory needs, UCS has the resources and experience to do it properly. We can take the guesswork out of specifying coating systems, minimize your downtime, and help you comply with environmental regulations. Fire protection, food and beverage, office buildings, industrial facilities or healthcare campuses, UCS offers a wide variety of epoxy coating systems specifically designed for your application.

Give us a call, we’d be pleased to have our Commercial Surfaces Representative visit your facility. For a quick project or a full RFP, we’ll find a solution that is tailored to your application.