How UCS’s Janitorial Training Mitigates Employee Turnover

When you hire a commercial cleaning and janitorial service, you want to know you can count on them—that means having consistently solid work, but it can be difficult without a consistent crew. The best of these companies know how to mitigate employee turnover so customers aren’t negatively impacted.


We Find the Best Candidates for Commercial Cleaning Training

Finding people whose career interests and abilities align with United Commercial Services is essential. When it comes to mitigating employee turnover, one of the critical considerations is hiring the right candidates from the beginning. A multi-stage hiring process will help weed out candidates who aren’t a good fit. Our janitorial training regimen is extensive, meaning we put in the effort to find suitable candidates before they become unreliable workers.

While no cleaning company can completely stop worker turnover, those focusing on finding the ideal candidates will likely experience lower turnover than less diligent companies.

We also have a large employee base, and everyone assigned to our commercial cleaning and janitorial team is specially trained. So, if someone scheduled to clean your commercial office building is unavailable, we can send an equally qualified replacement instead. We focus on providing the best janitorial training to the most promising job candidates. This means you won’t be negatively impacted if or when someone leaves our company.

We Find Employees With the Right Skills

We also look for candidates with a genuine interest in working for a leading commercial cleaning and janitorial services company—it’s not enough to have the ability. We look for previous experience that demonstrates an interest in the industry and aim to find candidates who want to work in our industry. During the interview stage, we get to know the applicants to make informed hiring decisions.

You can be sure that any employee turnover issue won’t have a trickle-down impact on your business. Since we have a large employee base consisting of trained staff members, your commercial cleaning needs will always be met.

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We Provide Quality Training

At UCS, we believe in providing extensive training to equip our employees with the skills they need. Workers who receive excellent training and understand their duties have the tools and resources needed to do their jobs, and those who get support from management and their co-workers tend to exceed expectations. They also tend to stay long-term. We see training as an essential part of our business success, which differentiates us from our competitors.

Extensive Hands-On Training

After selecting the best candidates to join our team, we ensure each one undergoes extensive janitorial training. They learn about our service policies and procedures. We go above and beyond the call to duty—and we expect our staff members to share that mindset. So, our employees understand what we’re about and why we do things the way we do.

We also provide training on how to use our technology. We use the best available technology to serve our diverse client base better. We also offer training in general safety practices to keep our employees and clients safe. Employees don’t want to work in unsafe work environments. In fact, they’re likely to jump ship if safety is an afterthought. We ensure that all our workers know how to do their jobs effectively and safely. And our training is designed to ensure employees dispatched to clean commercial facilities are fully equipped and prepared to do so.

Off-Site Training for Janitorial Services Grand Rapids, MI

We also provide facility-specific training that helps our employees know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Employees can’t learn everything in a classroom, so we provide janitorial training in various work environments.

When workers are ready to work on our commercial cleaning teams, they are mentored and monitored by experienced supervisors who ensure that everything is being done to specification. Employees who get the janitorial training and mentorship we offer tend to want to stick around.

We Have the Right Instructors

We have the right training modules to ensure that employees are ready, and we also have dedicated and skilled instructors who deliver the training and prepare employees for work.

We Have Great Trainers

One of the reasons we can mitigate employee turnover is because we hire the right trainers. By the time employees get through the rigorous training, they know whether or not they’re interested in working for UCS and serving its commercial customers. Our trainers are the best of the best, believe in what we do, and want to train employees properly.

We Mentor Our Workers

We don’t just provide janitorial training and let workers loose. They are supervised and mentored by more experienced staff. Employees who are trained and mentored are more likely to have greater workplace satisfaction than those who don’t get the necessary support. We believe that workers with ongoing support and constructive criticism will thrive on the job and continue with the company.

Hire the Best Commercial Services Company With the Best Employees

Do you need help from a commercial services company with a solid success track record? Are you particular about finding a service provider with experience working on facilities like yours? If so, give us a call. We are a professional cleaning and janitorial business with a long history of servicing companies in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. And the janitorial training we offer our staff members is cutting edge—our customers deserve nothing less. To schedule a consultation, get in touch. One of our customer care representatives will be pleased to serve you. Let us show you what we can do for your business. We’re here to help!

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