Flu Prevention in the Workplace

 It’s essential to keep your workspace clean and sanitary at all times, especially important during the cold and flu season. During this time when germs are rampant, it pays to hire a commercial cleaning company.


Flu Season Safety Tips

Did you know that between 5% and 20% of the U.S. population gets the flu annually? It adds that 200,000 Americans on average are hospitalized annually because of the flu, and between 8,200 and 20,000 people die annually due to flu-related causes.

When it comes to flu prevention in the workplace, there are things that employers can do, and there are things employees can do. It really is a joint effort, so everyone needs to play a role.
Despite a company’s best efforts, flu outbreaks can happen. But there are things everyone in the workplace can do to mitigate the impact. Since the flu can harm everyone on the job, flu prevention in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

One option is to retain the services of a professional cleaning and janitorial services company that knows how to keep work environments safe for management, employees, and customers.

Flu Prevention In the Workplace: Stay Home When Sick

Fortunately, flu-related fatalities don’t happen in large numbers—and most people won’t be hospitalized. But an outbreak can hamper workplace productivity. According to the CDC, people with the flu should stay away from work between four and five days after experiencing symptoms.

The best thing employees can do if they get sick is to stay home. Going to work despite symptoms can worsen a bad situation since an infected employee can spread the flu. This will only compound the problem and potentially lead to unplanned downtime at work.

Make sure your workers understand that staying home when sick is best for everyone.

Personal Hygiene and Etiquette

Another way employees can help with flu prevention in the workplace during the flu season is by practicing proper hygiene. It’s easy to do, but sometimes people need reminders.

For instance, workers should be encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water when appropriate to prevent the spread of germs. Workers are undoubtedly used to this routine because of COVID-19 protocols, but it doesn’t hurt for companies to remind their employees of the importance of personal hygiene. You can also encourage employees to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing to prevent the airborne spread of viruses and bacteria.

Do You Need Commercial Sanitization Services?

United Commercial Services is here when you need the help of a commercial cleaning and janitorial services company. We offer commercial services, educational services, industrial services, and construction services. Whether you need to set up a cleaning service or increase the frequency given the increased risks this time of year, get in touch.

Increase Cleaning Services

Businesses that want to fight the cold and flu germs in the workplace must also increase their office space cleaning. So, if you have a commercial cleaning company coming once a week, you might want to consider increasing the frequency due to the heightened need for cleanliness. Finding the right service provider is essential, and they’ll work with you to set up the proper schedule.

High-Traffic Areas

Flu prevention in the workplace includes addressing high-traffic areas. Businesses must be careful in cubicles, conference rooms, office spaces, cafeterias, or any other area with lots of foot traffic. High-traffic areas can also include entrances, hallways, water cooler areas, waiting areas, and more. You’ll want to make sure that these areas are kept clean to reduce the risks of germ transmission. If you’re not sure about what areas need particular focus, hire a commercial cleaning services provider to advise you.

High-Touch Zones

It’s also crucial for your business to address high-touch zones that could become adversely impacted by germs. High-touch services include, but are not limited to, desks, pens, tables, doorknobs, counters, toilets, light switches, elevator buttons, sinks, phones, keyboards, and faucets. Effective flu prevention in the workplace means finding out what classifies as a high-touch zone and taking appropriate measures.

During the cold and flu season, the need for maintaining a hygienic environment will be all the more essential. Retaining the services of a commercial cleaning company can help your company prepare and mitigate possible risks.

Put Contingency Plans In Place

Flu prevention in the workplace is the goal, but it’s also vital for businesses to put contingency plans in place just in case. Despite the most determined efforts, flu outbreaks are possible. In fact, they’re not at all that uncommon. It only takes one worker to flout the rules for more people to get sick at work. So, businesses need to have contingency plans in place.

Know What to Do If There’s an Outbreak

Your company has to have plans in place to deal with employees who come to work with flu-like symptoms. Once employees exhibit such symptoms, employers need to make sure these workers isolate themselves immediately and head home. After isolating such employees and sending them home, you’ll want to do several other things.

Check the areas where the employees were during the onset of symptoms, disinfect those areas right away, inform others who had been in close proximity to the employees displaying flu-like symptoms to self-monitor for symptoms, and ensure your workers understand any isolation requirements.

The symptoms of the flu and COVID-19 are similar. Symptoms for both include fever, fatigue, cough, muscle pain, and sore throat. But COVID-19 could also cause loss of smell and taste.

Offer Flexible Working Options

When businesses have to send workers home, they must offer flexible working options. Telecommuting is possible given the technology available today, and many companies did have their staff work from home during the work-from-home orders required due to COVID-19. So, it’s a good idea to set things up so that this is possible for workers recovering from the flu or any other contagious problem.

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Are you on top of flu prevention in the workplace? Do you need help keeping your workspace clean and sanitary for everyone in your office? We offer the best in commercial cleaning and janitorial services at United Commercial Services. You owe it to yourself to ensure your work environment stays clean any time of the year. But the cold weather seasons make regular cleaning, sanitation, and sterilization all the more critical. Get in touch to learn more.

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