Cleaning and Maintaining: Epoxy vs. Polished Concrete vs. Tile

Every commercial floor is different—epoxy floor vs. polished concrete vs. tile. Specific cleaning solutions, chemicals, and techniques work best for epoxy, tile, and polished concrete floors. It’s essential to hire a commercial cleaning service or have adequate knowledge to clean and maintain your floor correctly.

Commercial Flooring

Floors are essential to commercial buildings—schools, campuses, medical facilities, commercial offices, and construction firms. They are one of your most critical investments.

A cleaning service must clean commercial floors properly every six months, and proper cleaning isn’t just using a dust mop or ammonia-soaked paper towel. Foot traffic, mud, equipment, and anything that makes contact with floors can dirty and damage them. A professional cleaning service can address all of these harmful factors.

There are different commercial flooring, and cleaners treat each one particularly their needs—for example, epoxy floors vs polished concrete floors.

How To Polish a Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floors are an excellent option for commercial flooring. Their surfaces require little maintenance yearly and are highly durable, making them perfect for high-traffic locations in commercial buildings. A professional cleaning service maintains the color, shine, and shape of polished concrete solutions using the correct cleaning materials and tools while preventing stains, scratches, and fading.


  • Polished concrete floors are incredibly durable, withstanding heavy foot traffic over long periods
  • These commercial floors are easy to clean and maintain with proper cleaning tools
  • Polished concrete floors don’t require waxing like other commercial flooring options


  • Acidic materials like bleach, ammonia, and similar cleaning materials can degrade the polish of concrete floors
  • Larger floors can take long periods to clean without professional cleaning equipment. An industrial scrubber with a microfiber pad is perfect for cleaning expansive commercial floors.

How To Clean Concrete Floors:

  • Use a dry dust mop to collect dirt, debris, mud, and grime.
  • Fill a bucket with warm water, and add the specified amount of non-acidic liquid cleaning material.
  • Ready a wet mop and put a microfiber pad in the bucket, wringing out water from the mop
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the polished concrete floors, letting it stand for a few moments.
  • Before the cleaning mixture dries completely, spread the solution back and forth across the concrete surface using the damp mop.
  • Depending on the cleaning solution, a final rinse might be in order

How To Maintain Concrete Floors

A regular maintenance schedule ensures concrete floors keep their polished appearance. It’s the same with epoxy floor vs. polished concrete. The frequency with which you clean your concrete floors varies on your foot traffic.

You can dust mop your concrete floors daily, eliminating buildups that could result in slipping or falling. Non-acidic cleaning solutions can be applied every week. You can use warm water and a clean mop to clear these puddles and sticky residues from spills, roof leaks, and mud.

Cleaning Epoxy Floors

Whether installed in the garage, living area, industrial environment, commercial center, or high-traffic hallways, epoxy floors are always a great choice. But how do epoxy floors vs. polished concrete floors hold up?


  • Epoxy flooring is durable, resilient, and abrasion-resistant
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Epoxy floors display excellent water resistance, ensuring it’s easy for someone to clean spills


  • Certain chemical agents are detrimental to epoxy floors, including engine oil, paint, antifreeze, abrasive liquids, gas, and harsh cleaning solutions
  • Citrus cleaners or vinegar solutions can degloss the finish of your epoxy floor coatings.

How To Clean Epoxy Floors:

  • A dirt push mop or shop vac with a brush attachment are excellent ways to remove dirt from epoxy floors. If your floor was mixed with aggregate, you might need a soft-bristle push broom
  • Diluted ammonia is one of the best epoxy floor coating cleaning solutions, and it’s easy to make. Surprisingly, a diluted mixture of Windex or other glass cleaning solutions are also effective.
  • After you’ve made the solution, you can apply the diluted mixture to your epoxy floor with a microfiber cloth or hard foam mop.
  • Rinse the detergent with clean, warm water and let it air-dry, or you may use a soft towel.

How To Maintain Epoxy Floors:

  • Use a dry dust mop to collect dirt, debris, mud, and grime.
  • Spot cleaning with a kitchen scrubbing sponge
  • Refrain from soap-based cleaners because they can leave marks and residue on your epoxy coating surface


Whether you have tile vs. epoxy floors vs. polished concrete commercial floors, United Commercial Services can clean and maintain them. Our professional team of commercial cleaners can tackle any challenge, ensuring your workspace is clean, protected, and looking great.

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Clean My Commercial Floor

Servicing Tile Floors

Tiled surface floors are extremely popular due to their price, lifespan, simple maintenance, and various colors and patterns. Regularly maintaining your commercial tile floors extends their lifespan and preserves their shine and healthy condition.


  • Tile floors are beautiful, resilient, and easy to clean
  • Easy to replace broken parts 


  • More fragile than other commercial floors 
  • Requires regular tile and grout cleaning 

How To Clean Tile Floors:

  • Sweep or dust away any debris on the tile’s surface
  • Get a neutral cleaning solution and apply it to the floors
  • Ready a mop with an automatic scrubber
  • After you’ve scrubbed the tile, use fans or let air dry

How To Maintain Tile Floors:

    • Regularly dust, sweep, or mop
    • Remove potential hazards that might fall and crack the tile floor
    • Create a scheduled maintenance plan for deep servicing and grout cleaning

United Commercial Services Services Epoxy, Tile, and Polished Concrete Floors

United Commercial Services is your go-to commercial tile floor cleaning service. We clean and maintain any commercial floor your business, campus, or medical facility might have, and provide the perfect flooring solution for you.

Whether you have an epoxy floor vs. polished concrete, United Commercial Services and their team of cleaning professionals can handle them all.

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