Back to School Cleaning Services: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of year again. Parents, children, and teachers are all preparing for yet another school year. If you’re an administrator of a busy school district, you’re probably thinking about all the steps you need to take to make sure the school is ready for an influx of students.
In addition to other important responsibilities, you need to make sure the school is clean for incoming students and stays so throughout the school year. What are the best strategies to help you accomplish this?

Why Clean Schools Matter

First, let’s work to understand why it’s so important to have clean schools.

Hygiene and Health

A clean building can support the health of the people residing in it. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens that cause contagious diseases. Maintaining a clean environment also supports health in dozens of tiny ways, such as easing asthma symptoms in certain students. A clean school is generally a healthier school.


Children and teachers alike are going to be much more comfortable in an environment that feels clean. Most of us are naturally repulsed by dirty environments; we usually can’t relax and try to leave as soon as possible. If your school is cleaner, everyone inside that school is going to be calmer and more at peace.


It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that cleaner environments support more concentration. In a cleaner school, kids are able to pay better attention to their teachers and peers. They tend to remember more from lessons and perform more consistently on exams. Cleaner schools tend to be associated with better overall students.

Image and Reputation

The impact that cleanliness can have on your school’s image and reputation is underrated. If a parent sees photos of a dirty school or visits one in person, they’re going to be concerned about the safety and educational standards of the facility. If the problem is bad enough, they may want to pull their child out of the school altogether. Maintaining a cleaner, more pristine environment can have the opposite effect, drawing more people into your school and improving student retention.

Janitorial Services for Schools: Starting With the Basics

Cleaning departments tend to see high rates of turnover, and their services tend to be inconsistent. That’s one reason why it’s so important to hire external janitorial services for schools. Working with a professional company gives you access to skilled, experienced professionals who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your school is clean at all times.

Preparing for a School Deep Cleaning

Before the school year begins, it’s a good idea to do a deep cleaning to prepare the school environment as thoroughly as possible for the influx of new students.
One of the best approaches is to section off the school and focus on cleaning one area at a time. These are some of the most important ones:

  • Foot traffic areas: Hallways and other heavily trafficked areas accumulate dirt, scuffs, and debris constantly. It’s important to stay on top of them throughout the year.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens/cafeterias: Bathrooms, kitchen areas, and cafeterias need to remain very clean if they’re going to be perceived as hygienic. They can be home to spills and other unhygienic issues.
  • Classrooms and lounges: Classrooms and lounges are where students and teachers spend most of their time, so it’s important to address these areas frequently.
  • Special areas: Some areas of the school, such as the gymnasium or auditorium, are going to require specialized attention and a thorough round of detailed cleaning at least a few times a year.

Regular School Cleaning

From there, you’re going to need to come up with a plan for regular school cleaning. No matter how deep you clean, the school won’t remain this way for long, so you need to have a regular process to stay on top of routine cleaning:

  • Create multiple regular cleaning plans. Create lists of cleaning activities that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. It’s also a good idea to rotate these activities so your cleaning staff always have something to do, but are never overwhelmed.
  • Take advantage of summer and winter breaks. One of the best times for big cleaning projects, such as stripping and waxing your floors, is during a break. In the summer and around the holidays, teachers and students won’t be around, which means you’ll have much greater access and more flexibility in how you clean.
  • Distribute cleaning and tidying responsibilities. It’s a good idea to distribute some cleaning and tidying responsibilities to teachers and students. For example, you can create rules that everyone is responsible for disposing of their own trash and set expectations that kids should put chairs on top of their desks at the end of the day.

Why Hire Professional School Cleaning Services?

Signing a school cleaning contract with a provider of professional school cleaning services has several benefits, such as:

  • Extensive background checks. Rest assured that every professional cleaner has passed a thorough background check.
  • Secured entry. Never worry about an unauthorized individual gaining access to the school.
  • Thorough, professional cleaning. Get the deep cleaning you need for your school to shine.
  • Accountability and consistency. Take advantage of the accountability and consistency you get with a professional cleaning service.
  • Affordability and easier management. Save money and reduce your stress in the process.
    Are you in need of professional school cleaning services? Do you want your school to shine as classes start up again? We’re here to help! Contact us for more information today!
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